How expensive are pallet trucks?

A Pallet Jack also known as a Pallet trucks is a very basic form of a forklift, it is used for moving heavy or light pallets within a warehouse using man-power, though there are powered pallet jacks available for moving heavier loads and you also have scissor lifts available.

There are different carrying capacities for different pallet trucks as well as different sizes. Pallet jacks can cost starting from $250 - $400. While smaller jacks may cost less. This price is for manual pallet trucks while mechanized ones may cost considerably more.

Electric pallet jack trucks have different costs completely, just like manual jacks, the price depends on the size, carrying capacity and other factors. These can cost anywhere from $800 to up to $3000 dollars. These kinds of jacks are much more convenient and are a very basic, motor powered forklift handled by a single person.

The requirement of these machines is extremely high and most warehouses, industrial plants and storage facilities have a slew of these for convenient storage, sorting and transporting different products from one location to the other.

While the cost depends on whether or not you’re going for lighter or heavier loads, they are much less expensive than forklifts.

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